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Join Us For our 2024 Youth/FAMILY Summer Mission Trip!!!


Join this summer for a 1-week mission trip experience in Oklahoma where we immerse ourselves in Native American culture, heritage, and daily life. We will be working with one or more Indigenous Tribes located in Oklahoma through our sister Methodist Conference, the OIMC (Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference). Not only will we be working
with tribal peoples on projects, but we will also be blessed to visit cultural centers, see traditional dances and demonstrations, and eat traditional Native foods. It is our hope that everyone gains just as much as we are giving through our service. As a Chickasaw of Oklahoma and a passionate advocate for Native American peoples, Pastor Chad hopes you will join him on this trip.

June 17 - 23

We will be serving in northern Oklahoma this year focusing on the Preston, OK area of the OIMC!

Due to generous contributions, this year’s mission trip is being offered free of charge. Only expenses will include souvenirs, Meals at Cultural Centers, FAM, and any additional spending. All meals, events, and travel are covered.

There are several areas to help serve this mission opportunity:
-Project Leaders helping with the project work.
-Kitchen Crew preparing meals for the team.
-Group Leaders guiding groups and keeping the schedule.
-Youth helping and having fun!
Sponsor a Meal, An Event, Supplies, General.

We will be primarily located in the Oklahoma City area where our housing site is located (Draper Park Christian Church) and El Reno Indian Fellowship where we will be working.