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Good Friday

Apr 2, 2021    Rev. Samantha Parson, Rev. Dr. Suzanne Castle, Niki Casteel, and Mitchell Davenport    A Worship Experience

This is a 30 minute interactive prayer experience from 1st United Methodist Church (Jacksboro) & The Parish (Jacksboro).

SUPPLIES NEEDED: marker, towel, washcloth, water, cup, velcro (or a piece of muslin/fabric), journal, pen.

All permissions have been given from musical artists.
Permission to stream and rebroadcast the music in the service obtained from Epidemic Sound, XYZ, XYZ: CCLI License #’s 2016034, CSPL132663; and ONE LICENSE #A-728303. All rights reserved.

Produced by Suzanne Castle

Featuring the following music:

"Hear My Cry, O God (Ps. 61)”, lyrics & music by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan. All rights reserved ©2012, admin by & CdBaby

"God You Are Our Refuge”, lyrics & music by Andra Moran, Keith. Koster, Tracy Howe & Chris Pulliam. All rights reserved ©2020, admin by AMMOMusic &